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I will work to facilitate appropriate and responsible development.

The dynamics of good neighborhoods and good business must balance. To do this, the city needs to be constantly mindful of its work which includes:


  • Economic opportunities for new businesses to open in Orange.

  • Development that does not negatively impact the General Fund.

  • Delivering a development review process that is predictable, efficient, and understandable to the people who use it.

  • City staff acting as a single organization – “One-City” – in the delivery of development services, not separate departments working in opposite directions.

  • Ensuring that we protect the quality of the public and private infrastructure with enhanced code enforcement efforts to protect the safety and integrity of the built environment and the livability of the city.

  • Planning now for future pandemics with the lessons of 2020 in mind, the technology and innovation changes like self-driving vehicles, artificial intelligence, working remotely, how we shop and conduct business now and in the future, communication networks, health care, our growing senior population, diversity and inclusion, and community connections and feeling like you belong are all part of my vision for Orange.

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