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Former Mayor Pro Tem Dan Slater/Candidate for Mayor 2022

"As a former Orange Councilmember and Mayor Pro-Tem I'm proud to endorse Adrienne Gladson for City Council - District 6.  Her experience on the Planning Commission and her many years working within our community as a volunteer and neighborhood advocate make her the best choice for Council.   I need Adrienne to join me on the Council!   She'll work to improve public safety and enhance the quality of life for families, residents, and all who call Orange home.  Please join me in supporting Adrienne Gladson and let's bring change and accountability to City Hall this November!"

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Former Mayor Carolyn Cavecche/CEO OC Tax

"I'm very pleased to endorse Adrienne Gladson for Orange City Council in District 6.  As a former mayor and CEO of OC Tax, I know that Adrienne will protect Orange taxpayers and put our residents first.  She will bring change and transparency to City Hall and work hard to keep East Orange neighborhoods safe. Her experience as a Planning Commissioner and longtime community volunteer who understands the unique character of our great city, makes her the right choice for Orange and District 6, and I hope you’ll join me in supporting her this November."

Ana Gutierrez
Councilmember, District 5

“I am very pleased to endorse Adrienne Gladson for election to the Orange City Council for District 6”.   "Adrienne’s experience as a city planner and her service on the Orange Planning Commission for 8 years has well prepared her to make land use and development decisions that will move Orange’s economy forward and protect our financial stability.  


Adrienne is deeply rooted in our city’s passion for preserving Orange’s history, including sustaining our many vibrant neighborhoods, homegrown businesses old and new, treasured parks, roads, trails, and open spaces.  Adrienne’s impressive record of Orange leadership and volunteerism now naturally lead to her representing all of us on the Orange City Council. Please vote for Adrienne Gladson on November 8th.

Arianna Barrios
Councilmember, District 1
"I trust Adrienne's experience in city planning. It is that expertise that is sorely needed given the challenges our city faces. I endorse her because I know she will work in the best interest of Orange residents and serve us well." 



OUSD Trustee/Kathy Moffat

"The City of Orange is fortunate to have had the dedicated service of Adrienne as a member of the Orange Planning Commission. As a professional in the field of planning and land use, Orange benefits from not only her love of the city and her dedication to its residents, but also her deep understanding of planning issues. The lesson we know at OUSD is to serve families, just like the City Council does, and a strong cooperative relationship between are two entities is crucial. Adrienne's ability to listen to the needs of citizens, think clearly and positivity about solutions, and to pursue their implementation is just the perfect combination for the District 6.   I support and endorse Adrienne Gladson for Orange City Council ."

OUSD Trustee/President, Andrea Yamasaki 

OUSD Trustee Vice President, Kris Erickson

Orange Park Association (OPA)


Community Supporters

Lisa Ackerman Baldwin and Dan Baldwin
Laura Thomas
Robert and Mary Dargatz
Barbara Resnick (Eltiste)

Christine Reimer

Ivan Jimenez

JP McDermott

Lynn-Marie Frediani 

Leslie Kirchoff

Joel Robinson

Francie Hintzman

Peter Wetzel

Scott Parker

Diana Zdenek

Pat and Russ Barrios

Bonnie Robinson

Andrea Gladson

Reza Kavianian
Catherine, Elizabeth, and Brent Kavianian
Marita McNutt Gladson
Aaron and Leann Alduenda

Diane Kropidlawski 

David Hillman

Laurel Maldonado Wykes

Karla Hawela

Jackie Brodsky

Sharon and Bernie Galasso

John Goode

Sharon Mule

Recommended by United Neighborhoods of Orange

Endorsed by:

Los Angeles/Orange Counties

Building and Construction Trades Council

Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters

Yes, I endorse Adrienne Gladson for Orange City Council - District 6.
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