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Safe neighborhoods are my top priority. I will facilitate outreach programs, reinforce tools for problem solving related to homelessness, be the voice of proper planning, and build up our community through shared experiences and common values.

  • Persist in addressing homelessness.

We all know that the issue of homelessness has no magic solution.  It requires a very complex intersection of social services, public health, land use, property rights, and public safety needs.  Our community cannot solve this widespread problem alone.  Orange has historically strived and continues to do more than most to help those in need.  With our non-profit community we provide resources for the homeless and the outcast. In addition, we continue partnering with our North Orange County partners to move our homeless into shelters, create transitional housing and work toward a return back to productive society.

As a former Planning Commissioner, I know and respect land use laws.   I am for a strong Orange Police Department and for all criminals, regardless of housing status, to be off the streets.  It can be very difficult to match certain persons with relevant service providers, so I support teams with combined skillsets to address the varied challenges of local homeless persons.  The way to end homelessness is housing.

  • Prioritize code enforcement.

I believe we must respect all our neighborhoods and property rights because each have a special charm and unique character.  We must increase code enforcement and a method to immediately address graffiti removal, nuisances, and unsafe activities.  I strongly support residential and commercial “pride in ownership” incentives so that private properties are well maintained.  


The City Council’s role is to assure that all neighborhoods have sound infrastructure, safety and sanitation.  I encourage residents get involved on the block where they live.  The Council also needs to create public/public partnerships and public/private partnerships for positive interventions in response to problems like homelessness, improving public health, expanding open space, and assisting seniors or disabled persons who may not be able repair their property on their own.

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