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Although diverse, we are one community with a common purpose to keep Orange strong, resilient.  Our unique neighborhoods are essential to people’s sense of well-being and feeling included.   We know we have more work to do to help those marginalized and left behind.  I pledge to be an ally.

Orange has a long and proud history that is reflected in our numerous history groups.   I am proud to have served as President of the Orange Community Historical Society from 1994 to 1998.  Key goals I achieved in this role included the launching our Historic Plaza Walking Tour program and the financially successful Orange Historical Afghan. Our diverse history, neighborhood, and volunteer groups and non-profits work hard to preserve physical landmarks, continue legacy events, root for and showcase our businesses, protect our natural resources, thank our veterans, help our children and seniors, and tell the story of our rich past.   Our long history never ceases to remind me that we are one community with a common purpose to keep Orange strong, resilient with a small-town feel.  It has been my pleasure to volunteer for so many of our community organizations since I came to Orange in 1982.  


But, successful preservation of the past is only one aspect of protecting our neighborhoods.  More significant is the frank acknowledgement of what is needed to sustain today’s residents for our future.  Identity is closely linked to where one lives. The council needs to facilitate in providing for unmet needs of residents who inhabit our diverse lifestyle structures.  This goal can only be achieved by expanding our revenues while holding the line on our costs.  Our unique neighborhoods are essential to why you and I live in Orange.  These are places for daily life tasks, rest, family and hopefully, building new friendships and belonging.

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