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We must ensure that our police and fire have adequate resources to keep up with our growing population.   Without them it is impossible to assure a safe city.  I will:

  • Sustain our first responders.  I strongly support them.

  • Share in the responsibility


My approach as a fiscal conservative is always to stay within our means and keep fees low.   I will:

  • Be a wise steward of taxpayers’ money.

  • Provide independent community oversight and accountability with ethical behavior

  • Give an honest explanation on service limits and what it truly costs to keep our city running strong


I will fight for local control in response to state mandates.   As your Councilmember, I will listen to you first, because Orange knows our community better than Sacramento!  I oppose SB 9 and SB 10.


Because safe neighborhoods are my top priority, I will encourage outreach programs to encourage neighborhood pride and team clean-up efforts, protect quality of life, repair streets and sidewalks, find traffic solutions, support development that respects its neighbors, and build up our community through shared experiences and common values.  I will:

  • Persist in addressing homelessness.  Ending homelessness is through housing.

  • Strengthen code enforcement operations.  Administrative citations must be given to  code enforcement staff.

  • Celebrate achievements of efforts that work with public awareness and recognition.



I will work to facilitate appropriate and responsible development and opportunities for all businesses to thrive.  


Open space and parks are an investment in the community’s well-being. I will fight for new parks, trails, and open space.   Our 200+ acre open space deficit must be addressed.  I support the environmental clean-up plan for the Sully Miller property.


Although diverse with more work to do to bridge past wrongs, we are one community with common purpose and values committed to keep Orange strong, resilient with a small-town feel.   Our unique neighborhoods are essential to people’s sense of well-being and connection.  Our history and cultural identity give us our story making Orange a wonderful place to call home but it also draws in new families and businesses to become part of our community.   I am pleased to be part of what is now a "grown up" and a more connected and involved city knitted together by our history ready to advance new goals and dreams in the coming decade.   We still have great things left to do in our City! 

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