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We must ensure that our police, fire and public works departments have adequate resources to keep up with our growing population.  Without them it is impossible to assure a safe city.


  • Sustain our first responders with proper community oversight.


Like every Orange resident, I recognize the critical importance of public safety. Orange allocates a large share of its budget to equip, train, and sustain the City's professional police and fire departments.    In my opinion, these public servants are the best in the business. Public safety also includes our public works team, supporting us by maintaining critical infrastructure (roads, sidewalks, water, trash, and sewer) and handling emergency situations 24/7.  

  • Share in the responsibility.  Be a CERT volunteer like me or consider the following.


Our first responders rely on information from all of us as their “eyes and ears.” Through trained community volunteer programs like Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT), Neighborhood Watch, and our Citizen Police Academy and of course, personally always doing what’s right, each of us assists our public service professionals daily in carrying out their mission.  As we demonstrate cooperative involvement it reflects mutual respect and trust, which comes from open channels of communication and honesty. I will be an example of respect and trust in my word and deed and invite others to likewise keep our community safe and secure.

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